Kevin GarnettThe injuries have kept piling up for the Celtics, but they have found ways to continue winning.

Thanks in large part to the play of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, Boston has persevered through tough times and clawed their way above .500 once again. However, with the team already running on empty, Leandro Barbosa‘s season-ending injury could finally force the Celtics to consider that this just might not be their year.

That consideration, however, does not come lightly. After all, the Celtics are still in line for a playoff berth and a first-round matchup against the Heat or Knicks might actually be welcomed, not feared, in the Boston locker room.

With the trade deadline quickly approaching, Danny Ainge and the Celtics front office have their work cut out for them. Should they trade their biggest assest — Garnett — and turn an eye for the future? Or, should the C’s fight on, despite the growing body count? NBA writer Ben Watanabe stopped by the podcast on Tuesday to discuss the team’s options with NESN Nation’s Dan Duquette. The two also discussed Dwight Howard‘s maturity, how to fix All-Star Weekend and much more.

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