Minor league baseball teams go to great lengths to have the best promotional and giveaway nights in all of sports, and the Fort Myers Miracle is doing its part to have a night to remember. The Miracle, the Class-A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins, won’t even spare the state’s senator for this event.

The Miracle are hosting a Marco Rubio water bottle giveaway night this season, capitalizing on the Florida senator’s oh-so-awkward moment from last week. Rubio attracted attention for all the wrong reasons during his rebuttal to President Barack Obama‘s State of the Union address when he reached off-camera mid-speech to grab a miniature water bottle and take a sip before lunging right back into his remarks — all while keeping eye contact.

Now, fans will get to honor that special moment at a minor league game. While the Miracle’s news release did not say when the water bottle giveaway night would be, the club certainly appears to be having fun with the occasion. The release notes that fans will be encouraged to stay in the shade at the park, are to expect unlicked envelopes (since saliva will have to be conserved) and should load up on salty snacks that will be sold at special prices thanks to the water giveaway.

The ballpark grounds crews will also hold “a mid-game rain dance, because even the Earth needs a drink on a hot day.” Fans will also be invited to join in a big game of Marco Polo.

Perhaps the best part, though, is that a booth will be set up where fans can recreate Rubio’s moment by putting on a sports jacket and grabbing a tiny bottle of water. The Miracle also said it would be inviting Rubio to come and throw out the first pitch.

That’s a promotion that sounds like it will be hard to beat. Until then, check out the moment that started it all in the video below.

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