Michael Jordan’s Wardrobe Leaves Much to Be Desired Even As He Celebrates 50th Birthday (Podcast)


Michael Jordan BobcatsMichael Jordan set just about every fashion trend that mattered in the 1990s, when he made bald heads, baggy shorts and black socks not only acceptable but stylish. A decade after his retirement, not so much.

Jordan’s fashion faux pas went mostly unnoticed for a long time, until a courageous user of the microblogging website Tumblr got the bright idea to bring the great one’s less-than-great fashion sense to the attention of the world. Thus was born “WTFisMikeWearing,” a blog where “Air” Jordan becomes “What Not to Wear” Jordan. Since its founding, “WTFisMikeWearing” has grown into a cult sensation on the Internet and was even mentioned in Sports Illustrated’s recent article about Jordan turning 50 years old.

Aaron Horton, the founder of “WTFisMikeWearing,” joined NESN.com’s Ben Watanabe to talk about the blog, Jordan’s 50th birthday and why he probably is not the best judge of fashion.

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