Miguel CabreraThe Tigers won the AL pennant off the bat of Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera, but that wasn’t enough for one of his teammates.

Reliever Octavio Dotel says Cabrera is not a leader in the clubhouse. Dotel prodded the 2012 MVP to call a meeting multiple times during the playoffs, and Cabrera declined.

“You have to step up and say something,” Dotel told Yahoo! Sports. “Miggy’s more about his game. I don’t see him as a leader.”

Dotel praised Cabrera’s ability on the field, comparing him to Albert Pujols and Alex Rodriguez, but he says he’s finished trying to make the slugger more vocal.

“He didn’t give me that support,” Dotel said. “So I didn’t try no more.”

Dotel also said the other two superstars in Detroit’s clubhouse, Prince Fielder and Justin Verlander, are not leaders either. Dotel has played for 13 teams in 14 seasons in the majors.