Alex RodriguezAlex Rodriguez is just one of six major leaguers linked to the south Florida anti-aging clinic that allegedly sold performance-enhancing drugs to a number of athletes, but his experience with the firm might have been a little more personal.

According to’s T.J. Quinn and Mike Fish, the clinic’s owner, Anthony Bosch, would personally inject PEDs into Rodriguez at the third baseman’s home.

The visits reportedly took place every few weeks, and Bosch’s handling of Rodriguez was reportedly much different than the way the clinic handled the other athletes who were allegedly customers. The other athletes, reports, relied on intermediaries to transport the performance-enhancing drug regimens that Bosch provided.

“Only Tony handled A-Rod,” one source reportedly told ESPN’s Outside the Lines.

A source reportedly even said that Bosch told associates he had been kicked out of Rodriguez’s home last spring after he had trouble locating a vein, which infuriated the 14-time All-Star.

Both Rodriguez and Bosch have denied anything related to the recent reports.

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