Now listen — everybody sends their private plane to pick up a friend once in a while. It doesn’t mean anything.

But in the case of Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn, perhaps it does this time.

Woods and Vonn have been at the center of dating rumors for a little while now, and speculation grew when Woods sent his plane to Vonn’s aid after she blew out her knee at this winter’s Alpine Ski World Championship. While Woods and Vonn, who were both divorced from their longtime spouses in the past few years, haven’t said anything about their connection, US Weekly is on the case, and the magazine reports that things are picking up.

Woods and Vonn are now spending time with each others’ families, according to US Weekly. Vonn gave ski lessons to Woods’ two children, Sam and Charlie.

“Their friendship slowly turned into a relationship,” a source told US Weekly of the pair, who first met last April and were seen skiing together in November.

How much truth is behind the rumors is, of course, hard to tell. Vonn’s divorce from Thomas Vonn, a fellow skier, was finalized last month, but rumors have swirled that Woods still wasn’t moving on from the hugely public ending of his marriage to Elin Nordegren. He reportedly asked her to remarry him just last month.

The timing is impeccable, though — what better way to get over a rocky relationship than by finding a new beau around Valentine’s Day?

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