Super Bowl Goodell Bashing FootballThe bounty scandal and the Saints’ disappointing season may be over, but the people of New Orleans aren’t quite ready to forgive Roger Goodell.

The NFL commissioner may have stated that he couldn’t feel more welcomed in New Orleans in his annual state of the league press conference on Friday, but he isn’t exactly welcome everywhere in the city.

At least 10 restaurants in New Orleans have made it clear that Goodell will not be served in their establishments.

Finn McCool’s Irish Pub has a “Go to Hell, Goodell” wall decoration, the Creole Creamery boasts a “Do Not Serve This Man” poster with Goodell’s unsmiling face on it and the Parkview keeps a picture of the commissioner on their dart board, which consequently has to get replaced quite often.

All the darts thrown at pictures of him and Geaux to Hell Goodell shirts (worn by servers at the 801 Royal in the French Quarter) may not erase the season the pain of the 2012 season, but if it helps the city heal, then carry on New Orleans.