Super Bowl XLVII Live: Joe Flacco’s Three Touchdowns Guide Ray Lewis, Ravens to 34-31 Win


ray lewisFinal, Ravens 34-31: Ray Lewis’ last ride is complete, with a Super Bowl victory in his final game.

Lewis didn’t have much of an impact on the outcome, piling up seven tackles but seeming pretty absent on the night, but the Ravens were still able to hold off the surging 49ers and win their second Super Bowl title.

Joe Flacco was the real star of the show on the night, tossing three touchdown passes and pushing the Ravens’ offense to 34 points to just eke out the win.

Jacoby Jones also had a huge night, catching a big 59-yard touchdown and returning the opening kickoff of the second half 108 yards all the way to the house to give Baltimore some huge momentum.

The random blackout in the middle of the game was definitely unusual, but in the end it made for a much better game than we saw in the first half.

In the end, the Ravens just cause too much trouble in the first half and put the 49ers at too much of a disadvantage. Big win, and the Ravens deserve it.

Fourth Quarter, 0:05, Ravens 34-31: That was a safety. There should have been a holding call, but still a safety.

Fourth Quarter, 1:45, Ravens 34-29: Kaepernick had the 49ers down inside the five-yard line, but to no avail.

It looked like Jimmy Smith had a definite hold on Michael Crabtree, but with so much at stake there’s no call on the play. Now, it looks like the Ravens are all but moments away from basking in the confetti.

Now, it’s up to Ray Rice, Flacco and friends to hold onto the ball to hang onto this Super Bowl win.

Fourth Quarter, 2:00, Ravens 34-29: With how much attention has been given to Flacco tonight, people are severely underplaying the night that Frank Gore has had.

Gore has now carried the ball 19 times for 110 yards and a touchdown, and he just keeps pounding the 49ers into position for this game-winning score.

Kaepernick might get the credit, but Gore has been so key in the comeback. We’ll see how this turns out.

Fourth Quarter, 4:32, Ravens 34-29: Now, this is what a Super Bowl is supposed to feel like.

These two teams are going score for score, exchanging punch for punch and we’re in store for some drama to end this one.

Justin Tucker made a 38-yard field goal to put the Ravens up five and force Kaepernick to lead another touchdown drive. Luckily for the 49ers, he’s been almost unstoppable tonight and might very well get them on top for the first time all night.

Imagine if the 49ers took the lead right at the end of the game, so their only lead would be the final score. Unreal.

Fourth Quarter, 7:57, Ravens 31-29: I’ve seen some weird challenges in my time, including a couple idiotic ones this season — ahem, Jim Schwartz — but I’m not sure what Jim Harbuagh is thinking here.

I do think that Boldin was short of the first down, which would mean a win, but if he’s wrong then the 49ers are left with just one timeout left and time just tick, tick, ticking off the clock. Risky, but maybe worth it.

Fourth Quarter, 9:57, Ravens 31-29: One thing Colin Kaepernick has that Joe Flacco doesn’t? Mobility.

Kaepernick used his legs to pick up some yards on that drive and then just sped off for 15 yards into the end zone to cut the lead down to just two.

Who would have thought after that Jones’ 109-yard return that the 49ers would ever be within a single score never mind two points.

Kaepernick has done his best Superman impersonation and has the Niners within one big play or one mistake of a lead in this one. What a game this has become. Thank you, power outage.

Fourth Quarter, 12:54, Ravens 31-23: Joe Flacco responded with one of his classic Joe cool drives, and the Ravens have yet again taken an eight-point lead.

Anquan Boldin lived up to his big-game persona once again, leading to a Justin Tucker field goal to give Baltimore back some momentum.

Now, it’s Kapernick’s turn with the ball again and he’s definitely looking to get the 49ers back on track. Will San Francisco be able to hold off the Ravens’ offense time and again, though?

End Third Quarter, Ravens 28-23: And so ends the longest quarter in Super Bowl — and probably NFL — history.

A 33-minute power outage highlighted an eventful third quarter, and suddenly this is not just a game but a one-score affair heading into the final 15 minutes.

A few costly errors by the Ravens, including a running into the kicker penalty and a Ray Rice Fumble (his third of the playoffs), helped the 49ers find their way back into the game. Kaepernick helped that effort with a near-perfect quarter and a touchdown pass to cap it off.

The end of this Ravens drive will be huge in determining the outcome, as a touchdown here would really setback the momentum the 49ers have built up over the past hour.

Third Quarter, 3:11, Ravens 28-23: Second time is a charm, at least for David Akers on this night.

Akers just missed a pretty simply chip shot from 39 yards out, but luckily the Ravens were called for running into the kicker and his second attempt, this time from 34 yards out, was good.

The 49ers have created a lot of opportunities on their own this half, but the Ravens have just continued to kill themselves with these mistakes. Flacco and company need to hang onto the ball, and they have to avert these foolish penalties.

Third Quarter, 4:05, Ravens 28-20: Consecutive scores by the 49ers, a big punt return and now a Ray Rice fumble. The momentum has clearly turned in the favor of the 49ers, and suddenly this is becoming one heck of a game.

Kaepernick has the 49ers’ offense rolling, too, which could be awful dangerous for what’s left of this lead. You’ve got to wonder what might have been if that power outage never took place.

Third Quarter, 4:59, Ravens 28-20: And how the tides have turned. We’ve got a game again.

The Ravens 22-point lead has evaporated down to just eight at this point, as Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers are finally finding their swerve on offense.

Some solid defensive plays from Ahmad Brooks — just crunched Flacco on the turf — and an improved effort in the secondary has held the Ravens in check. Ted Ginn Jr.’s 32-yard punt return didn’t hurt either, and this is finally a ball game for the first time since the first quarter.

Third Quarter, 7:20, Ravens 28-13: For how poorly the 49ers offense has been tonight, Kaepernick’s numbers are surprisingly good.

Kaepernick has completed 11 of 17 for 183 yards so far, which isn’t that far off from Flacco’s 15 of 24 for 214 yards. The big difference obviously comes in the scored department, where Flacco’s thrown three touchdowns and Kaepernick only has the one he just completed to Crabtree.

The 49ers’ offense might have found some life yet, and just in the nick of time too as the Ravens are still up by two scores.

Third Quarter, 11:07, Ravens 28-6: The power outage lasted 33 minutes, but it’s finally game time.

The delay may be over, but the 49ers are still struggling to find any rhythm offensively. Kaepernick is getting the ball back here, so we’ll see if he can engineer anything more than a field goal on this drive. Lord knows they need it.

9:10 p.m.: Delay is now overs. They are planning to restart the game now.

The 49ers might have gotten very lucky here with the momentum change. But even more so, CBS must be killing in the ratings right now.

8:55 p.m.: In case you’re wondering what’s happening with the power outage in New Orleans, here are some tweets to keep you up to date.

8:49 p.m.: Wow. The biggest sporting event in the world, the most important day in the lives of football fans, and you get a power outage.

I know that you can’t really control this stuff, but I can only imagine how much of a complete freak out is happening behind the scenes right now.

Also, you’ve got to wonder how the players are going to respond to this. There was so much momentum with the Ravens, and now things could change dramatically. Whether it be pulled muscles or just increased mistakes by Baltimore, this could prove awful costly.

Third Quarter, 13:35, Ravens 28-6: Talk about a wild Super Bowl. We get a Beyonce show for the ages, a 109-yard kickoff return and then a blackout.

I bet all of Beyonce’s pyrotechnics put a serious drain on the stadium and shut the power out. Otherwise, Jacoby Jones just turned the lights out on the 49ers’ Super Bowl chances, and the Superdome took it too seriously.

Either way, this game should be back up and running again in no time. But will the momentum still be in the Ravens favor?

Third Quarter, 14:49, Ravens 28-6: And that’s the game.

Jacoby Jones just broke the opening kickoff of the second half for 109 yards, a Super Bowl record, and this game literally might be over.

The Ravens have full control of the momentum and the scoreboard is about as lopsided as I’ve seen in any big game in recent memory.

Jim Harbuagh better have some miracles hidden in his sleeves, otherwise it’s going to be raining purple and black in about two hours.

8:28 p.m.: So, I don’t think I’ve seen a better halftime show in my lifetime. Seriously, Beyonce just absolutely tore up the field in that set.

Bruce Springstein was really good a few years ago, and maybe I’m just an extremely impressionable dude, but I was enthralled with that show just now.

Also, she may have been more prepared for this game than the 49ers.

Anyhow, let’s take a walk away from my adolescent dreams come true and back to the football field. Ready for kickoff of the second half.

Halftime, Ravens 21-6: The first half of this Super Bowl has been something of a stark disparity.

The Ravens came out poised, calm, collected and ready, and the 49ers look like a bunch of skidding school children being put on stage to sing in their first musical.

Colin Kaepernick (8/13 for 139 yards)  hasn’t looked comfortable at all, while Joe Flacco (13/20 for 192 yards and three touchdowns) has been as cool as the other side of the pillow.

All you can really take away from that half is that the Ravens played about as well as any team in any Super Bowl in recent memory, while the Niners played about as poorly as we’ve seen all season.

Jim Harbaugh really better gather his troops and get some emotion running through that locker room at the half, otherwise this is just going to end a brutal rout.

Second Quarter, 1:45, Ravens 21-3: So, Joe Flacco, no kidding, huh?

If this isn’t shaping up to have the makings of a rout, then I don’t know what would.

Flacco nailed another deep ball over the top to Jacoby Jones and the 49ers secondary just continues to get torn to shreds. There are really no words to describe how one sided this first half has been.

Second Quarter, 2:00, Ravens 14-3: The 49ers have made mistakes after mistakes throughout the first half, and it’s cost them so far. But the Ravens have been exactly the opposite.

The Ravens have zero turnovers to the 49ers two, and they haven’t committed a single penalty in the first half to San Fran’s three. The officiating has been pretty good tonight, but it’s crazy to see how perfect a game the Ravens really are playing.

Second Quarter, 3:05, Ravens 14-3: In five previous Super Bowls, the 49ers hadn’t thrown a single interception. It took Colin Kaepernick seven passes to break that streak.

Joe Montana and Steven Young combined for 164 passes without a pick, but it didn’t take Kapernick more than 25 minutes to toss his first. That wasn’t a terrible sign for the 49ers, at least not as much as Flacco just continually feasting on this secondary.

But John Harbaugh’s attempt at an “FU” call against his brother Jim just went south, though, as Justin Tucker came just a yard short of the first down. If he made it to the marker that would’ve all but sealed another Ravens touchdown drive. So, lucky for the 49ers that they stopped him.

Second Quarter, 7:10, Ravens 14-3: Joe Flacco is having a field day against this Niners secondary right about now. Although, San Francisco aren’t helping themselves any either.

After a brutal James fumble, Flacco just stood cool in the pocket anfd picked his way downfield with tight end Ed Dickson carrying most of the load. But just to add insult to injury, a facemask penalty gave the 49ers even better field position and set Dennis Pitta up for a one-yard touchdown grab.

Jim Harbaugh must be fuming at the amount of mistakes the Niners are making right now, and Flacco’s agent must be just adding up the dollars on his calculator because this could be the ultimate cash cow.

Second Quarter, 11:53, Ravens 7-3: The 49ers are just making too many mistakes early on.

A few costly penalties killed them early, and now LaMichael James looks to have dropped the ball on a huge momentum swinging drive. Kaepernick had the Niners in prime position, and James just dropped that, which should give the ball back to Baltimore.

Jim Harbaugh can’t be happy, nor should he be.

End First Quarter, Ravens 7-3: Now, Anquan Boldin is just consistently earning his nickname as “Big Game” Boldin.

First the touchdown grab to put the Ravens up, and now he’s bailing out Flacco.

Flacco had no option downfield and just threw the ball up there, but what do you know Boldin was there to haul in the 30-yard bomb. As much credit as Flacco deserves for the accuracy of his deep balls, his receiver deserve a lot of recognition too.

The 49ers are finally figuring things out on the defensive line, though, and Ray McDonald just took Flacco down to push them possibly out of field goal range.

Kaepernick hasn’t had much of an opportunity to get the Niners on the board, but with a questionable Ed Reed out on the sidelines, I’d expect him to take a few more shots down the field. This could turn into something of a shootout at the rate it’s been moving so far.

First Quarter, 3:58, Ravens 7-3: Kaepernick just let Flacco know that he wouldn’t be the only one having some fun tonight.

After Flacco led the Ravens downfield to an opening score, Kaepernick just settled down and did the same thing for the Niners.

He hit Michael Crabtree on a sweet route over the middle first and then followed that up with a terrific strike to Vernon Davis to get them into the red zone.

Paul Kruger and the Ravens’ defense kept him out of the end zone, but David Akers nailed a 36-yard field goal to get them on the board.

Now the 49ers’ defense has to figure out a way to slow down Ray Rice and put some pressure on Flacco.

First Quarter, 10:36, Ravens 7-0: Colin Kaepernick looked calm and collected on the 49ers’ first drive of the night, but a few mistakes by his teammates cost them the potential of a quick-strike drive early.

As for Joe Flacco, he just continues to be the coolest guy under pressure, waiting patiently for his opportunities and hitting his spots downfield.

Flacco hit Torrey Smith on deep ball to set up a shot inside the red zone, and Anquan Boldin just out-leaped the 49ers’ defenders to haul in a 13-yard touchdown.

The Ravens are rolling early and the 49ers need to get their stuff together.

First Quarter, 14:54: Justin Tucker lined up and we are away.  The 49ers will start with the ball first, and everyone is all sorts of excited to see this Harbowl get going.

6:25 p.m.: This night just keeps getting more and more patriotic.

The Sandy Hook kids just brought a terrific dose of perspective, and then Alicia Keys just nailed the National Anthem to really set the Mercedez Benz dome off.

What a great way to start a terrific night of football. Now, let’s get set for some football.

6:20 p.m.: If you were even for a moment too sidetracked or caught up in the hoopla of this Super Bowl, well the precious kids of Sandy Hook Elementary School just brought you back to reality.

What a great show of American pride and dose of perspective on this fantastic night.

6:08 p.m.: If you’re sitting at home with some chili, wings and a few beverages then you know the people down in New Orleans are even more ready for some football.

Well, the 49ers and Ravens have themselves set to charge the field, but before that there are plenty of festivities going on out on the field in preparation of Super Bowl XLVII.

Take a peek at this shot of the field pregame with the Southern University band spelling out the XLVII from end zone to end zone.



5:45 p.m.: The players are out on the field and the fans are quickly filling into the Mercedes Benz Superdome down in New Orleans.

There are so many storylines to keep track of today, but the biggest of all is the sibling showdown set to take place between John and Jim Harbaugh. The brothers may not be playing out on the field, but there will be plenty to keep an eye on throughout the night with these two on the sidelines.

Ray Lewis will certainly be shimmy and shaking as he runs out of the tunnel for one last time, but be sure to watch out how both teams come out onto the field and the intensity behind them. A lot of times the team that comes out with more energy will take control early in the game.

Anyhow, we’re here with you the rest of the way and throughout the night. So, keep it locked here with me in the live blog and be sure to follow @LukeFHughes on Twitter for even more fun and updates about the big game.

8 a.m. ET: Ray Lewis is on the verge of cruising off into the sunset with a Super Bowl title in his final NFL game. But Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers are looking to end his journey just short of the goal down in New Orleans.

Lewis has been the center of attention down in the Big Easy this week, but not just because of his imminent retirement. Allegations about his use of deer antler velvet spray quickly developed into a major storyline and have even overshadowed a lot of the narratives heading into the big game.

Beyond Lewis’ trials and tribulations, the other primary story this week is the sibling showdown set to take place from opposing sidelines. John Harbaugh leads his Ravens into the Mercedes Benz Superdome to meet his brother Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers. Both head coaches bring a certain fire and edge to the game, but while they’re glorified for the unlikely scenario, they have remained extremely focused and competitive throughout what has become a media circus.

A number of periphery players will have a big impact in the outcome as well. Randy Moss, who claimed the title of “greatest receiver of all time” during media day earlier in the week, will play a major role for the 49ers, as will fellow receiver Michael Crabtree, linebacker Patrick Willis and Defensive Player of the Year candidate Aldon Smith, among others.

Over on the Baltimore side, the roles of Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin will loom large to help keep Joe Flacco cool under pressure, and Lewis’ defensive mates like Terrell Suggs, Ed Reed and Haloti Ngata will have a large task ahead of them in stopping Kaepernick and the 49ers’ offense.

There’s plenty to dissect heading into the biggest game of the year, but come 6 p.m. tonight the ball will be set for kickoff and the dust will begin to settle on this year’s Super Bowl champion. But keep it locked right here throughout the day for all your news, notes and analysis leading up to and throughout the game.

So, enjoy your time with family, friends and plenty of finger foods, and get pumped up for some exciting Super Bowl action.

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