With the latest sports news focusing on the Alex Rodriguez and Lance Armstrong scandals, it is refreshing to hear of a group of local hockey players who share an inspiring story.

While most of us tend to take for granted the sounds of hockey, the men of Team USA preparing to play in this April’s World Deaf Ice Hockey Championships have developed their own ways to succeed. Some of New England’s most talented hockey players created their own tricks to communicate on the ice — a shortened form of sign language that doesn’t even require them to remove their gloves.

But the men of Team USA aren’t just playing for gold this spring, they are also hoping to inspire and attract kids who are hearing impaired and build a dynasty.

The team will take on Canada in the first round in Finland. Check out their story in the video above.

These athletes make considerable efforts to raise enough money to send themselves to this prestigious world tournament. For info on how you can help them in this cause, please visit AHIHA.org.