Tim TebowTim Tebow has been known to wear Bible verses on his eye black and to use his status in the sports world to promote Christian principles. But his most recent decision seems to contradict some of his beliefs.

Tebow has agreed to be the guest speaker at First Baptist Dallas Church, where the Rev. Robert Jeffress has been known to make anti-gay statements and denounce religions other than his own. The devout Christian quarterback will join the prejudiced pastor at the Dallas church on April 28 to give a sermon of his own, according to the Daily Mail.

Tebow has spoken at a few churches in the past, including¬†one in Scottsdale, Ariz., on Super Bowl Sunday. What’s different this time is the company he is joining.

Jeffress has shared loaded comments in the past, such as saying that “70 percent of the gay population has AIDS” and that Islam, Judaism and Mormonism are religions derived from the “pit of hell.” Tebow has never delved into the topic of gay marriage or even hinted toward views quite as extreme as Jeffress, but his association with the outspoken reverend has raised some eyebrows.

There is no telling what Tebow will say or which issues he’ll speak on, but the decision will be under a large microscope by both the Jets, who are looking to trade the quarterback, as well as teams that may be interested in him. Tebow’s stock is at an all-time low after a troubling season in New York, but there could still be a market for the versatile playmaker, which is why he may want to remain rather tight-lipped alongside such a controversial figure.

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