Tim Tebow’s Mother, Insensitive Groupon Ad Highlight Super Bowl’s Most Controversial Commercials (Video)


teboe and momThe Super Bowl is one of the few times during the year when people actually get excited about commercials, rather than annoyed. Expectations for these advertisements are at an all-time high, and while they can’t all be winners, there are some very clear losers.

Companies aim to receive the most attention possible through their Super Bowl commercials, but sometimes that publicity isn’t always beneficial for their reputations. The list of most controversial commercials aired during the big game just continues to grow each year. Few may remember the details of the play on the field, but an insensitive, stereotype-filled commercial can haunt a company for years.

From this year’s Coca-Cola ad that is already garnering negative attention to the not so subtle message from Tim Tebow’s mother to a dark and twisted commercial from Apple, there is no shortage of controversial commercials and we’ve complied some of the best (or worst).

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