Tom BradyWhen Tom Brady reworked his contract with the Patriots, he made concessions to lower the team’s salary cap figure going into the next two seasons, but he did pretty well for himself too.

Brady’s entire contract is essentially guaranteed, according to Greg Bedard of The Boston Globe. It was originally reported that the final $24 million was only guaranteed for injury, but if Brady is on the Patriots’ roster for the final game of the 2014 season, the back half of the contract is guaranteed.

The whole three-year extension includes $57 million in guarantees, according to Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports. In 2013, Brady has a salary of $1 million with a $30 million signing bonus. Brady’s cap figure for next season will be $13.8 million. In 2014 his cap figure is $14.8, and it will be $13 million in 2015, $14 million in 2016 and $15 million in 2017.

The contract basically ensures that Brady will be a Patriots for life and a starter for the rest of his career. With Joe Flacco seeking a deal worth $20 million per season, getting Brady for $14.1 million per season is still a bargain.