Will Bynum’s Punch to Tyler Hansbrough’s Gut Earns Suspension for Pistons Guard (Video)


Doesn’t it seem like Tyler Hansbrough just attracts these kinds of hits?

Hansbrough was on the receiving end of a cheap shot the other night in Detroit, where the Pacers had hung a 20-point lead on the Pistons. He scampered up to the 3-point line and a set a pick, throwing Detroit point guard Will Bynum off his path. Bynum, perturbed to have to work his way around Hansbrough, gave him the usual off-the-pick shove — then punched him right in the gut.

The eagle-eyed referees caught it and tossed Bynum out of the game, and the NBA has now announced that Bynum will be suspended a game for the blow.

Given the amount of random hits Hansbrough takes, however, maybe someone should take a look into what makes this guy attract such cheap shots.

Check out the original incident in the video below.

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