Will Ferrell‘s acting appetite sometimes extends beyond movies. So, thanks to his urge to dress up and play a part for a night, we have this.

Ferrell donned the red jacket and striped tie of a Staples Century security man on Tuesday night as the Lakers beat the Suns 91-85 at home, and he did quite the job. He stood courtside, keeping order, and at one point he even escorted Shaquille O’Neal himself from his seat.

Will Ferrell Shaquille O'Neal

But that wasn’t where the fun and games stopped for Ferrell, a longtime Lakers fan. He also had a creative nametag that harkened back to some of the verbiage he used in Anchorman.

Could this security guard ruse be the beginning of something greater? Is a new character in the works? Who knows, but it was at least a nice chance to see Ferrell up to his tricks again.

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Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@KamPashai

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Also, these uniforms were at the Suns-Lakers game Tuesday night.

Markieff Morris

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“I wouldn’t trade him. But that’s just me and my opinion. To do the things that he’s able to do — I don’t think there will be a player able to do it better than him — ever. He does so much, and there will never be a player who will do it better than him.”
— Adrian Peterson, with his view on teammate Percy Harvin

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Tim Lincecum is Hunter Pence, and Hunter Pence is Tim Lincecum — we think. Anyway, this is fun.