Mariano RiveraMariano Rivera will always be know as the “Sandman,” but will his theme song continue to play at Yankee Stadium after the 2013 season?

Rivera announced to the media Wednesday that he has come to a decision on whether or not he will be returning to the Yankees following the 2013 season. But he didn’t announce his decision just yet.

“Yes, I have,” Rivera said when asked if he’d made a decision. “But again, I will tell you guys when I think it’s the right moment.”

Last June, Rivera underwent surgery to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee — an injury suffered while shagging fly balls in right fieldĀ before a game in Kansas City. Rivera missed the latter part of the 2012 season.

Rivera, now 43, expects to make a full recovery by Opening Day. After finally making his way back to the mound and throwing 25 pitches Wednesday, Rivera had this to say: “It was wonderful to be out there again.”