Adrian WilsonAdrian Wilson is new to the Patriots’ organization, but he’s already catching onto some of the team’s unwritten rules. Namely, phone calls.

Soon after free agency began, Belichick gave Wilson a call to talk about the possibility of coming to New England and the All-Pro safety was wise enough to answer.

“Whenever Coach [Bill] Belichick calls, you answer,” Wilson joked during a conference call on Thursday. “That’s not a call that you send to voicemail.”

Wilson was in the process of setting up other free-agent visits when Belichick invited him out to Foxboro for a visit with the Patriots, which is exactly what he was hoping for.

“New England was definitely my first choice,” Wilson said. “I don’t know what all the reports were saying that I wanted to stay out West, but that wasn’t true. It wasn’t a hard sell, but at the same time, talking to Coach Belichick and kind of getting an understanding of what he wanted from me, I just felt like it was the right fit.”

The possibility of playing for Belichick was appealing to the 12-year veteran, but even more enticing was the opportunity to compete for a championship even if it meant not being guaranteed a starting role.

“Obviously, being able to be competitive every year and being able to play not only for the playoffs and the division championship, but also to have a chance to go to the Super Bowl,” Wilson said. “Ultimately, at the end of the day, I’m going to come in and compete with everybody else and see what my role is on the team. I have no problems with that.”

Wilson may not know his exact roles in the Patriots’ defense just yet, but he really wants to win and he knows just who to answer to in order to make that happen.

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Photo via Facebook/Adrian Wilson