For some professional athletes, a number is more than just a digit or two pasted to their uniform.

It sounds like Adrian Wilson is one of those people and he’s willing to put diapers on the line to get his beloved No. 24.

Kyle Arrington, who just inked a four-year deal with the Patriots, has rocked the No. 24 Patriots jersey since 2011 after wearing No. 27 during the three previous seasons. Arrington also happens to be a first-time dad, as he and his wife, VaShonda, just welcomed their sonKyle Chandler Arrington Jr., earlier this  year.

Wilson, who has worn No. 24 in Arizona since 2002, is going to use Baby Arrington as somewhat of a bargaining chip. The 33-year-old Wilson is a father of three and knows how expensive diapers can get.

“I told him I know he just had a new baby,” he said during a conference call on Thursday. “I know he signed a new contract but I offered him a year’s supply of Pampers. Hopefully he gets back to me.”