Andrew Cogliano Loses Teeth on High Stick From Brandon Bollig, Returns to Game Without Missing Shift (Video)


The NHL?s top two teams faced off Wednesday night, and while it was the Chicago Blackhawks who headed home with a loss, the Anaheim Ducks lost some things as well — a few teeth.

During the faceoff after Teemu Selanne?s goal in the third period, Hawks forward Brandon Bollig nailed Andrew Cogliano in the mouth with a high stick, but all four officials somehow missed the blatant penalty. Cogliano went down in obvious pain and skated off the ice with a bloody mouth, but the Ducks center wasn?t quite ready to call it a night.

Any ol? hockey player can sacrifice a few teeth for the game, but Cogliano made everybody question their toughness when he returned to the ice to finish out the game — without ever missing a shift.

Check out the bloody hit in the video below the next time you complain about going to the dentist.


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