Dennis RodmanNow, really, who didn’t see this coming?

Just weeks after Dennis Rodman flew to North Korea for a self-proclaimed peace mission with leader Kim Jong Un, Rodman has done what most people expected he would do at some point in the process. The former NBA star has apparently started spilling state secrets.

The Kim family has been notoriously secretive throughout the years. Everything from details about the workings of the nation’s government to how many children Kim Jong Il had — as well as what they were up to and who would rule when he died — were hidden from the rest of the world. The regime guarded even seemingly inconsequential information.

That tight-lipped approach has continued with Kim Jong Un in charge. The fact that he is married recently came to light, and there have been only rumors that he had a family — an important bit of information, since that’s the question of whether Kim has an heir.

That’s where Rodman comes in.

The Kim family may put a lot of effort into suppressing information and selling the party line to its nation and the world, but none of that is going to matter if they start inviting the likes of Rodman over for a visit. The guy apparently can’t keep a secret.

While Kim Jong Un and his wife, Ri Sol-ju, have been rumored to have two children, the regime has never confirmed the information. Rodman, however, now has.

“She kept talking about their beautiful baby daughter,” Rodman said of meeting Ri Sol-ju, according to The Sun.

If another source had come out and said that the Kims had a daughter, the regime could have denied or avoided the rumors. But Rodman — Kim Jong Un’s new BFF — spilling the beans is something else.

What’s ironic is that Rodman seems to know he couldn’t just talk about everything he saw.

“I won’t tell you if the toilets were made of gold or anything like that, as I promised Kim I wouldn’t talk about that stuff,” he said. “There is a lot of stuff I can’t talk to you about.”

Good job avoiding telling us about the gold toilets, Rodman. Now, did they say anything about nuclear weapons?

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