Dustin Pedroia Backs Increased Penalties for PED Use, Says There’s No Excuse for Players Testing Positive


Dustin PedroiaWhen Major League Baseball players get nailed for using performance-enhancing drugs, they often have elaborate excuses. But, while their descriptions of why they were using this drug or that may convince some loyal fans, for fellow players — like the Red Sox’ Dustin Pedroia — they just don’t cut it.

“In my opinion, no,” Pedroia said, according to The Boston Globe, when asked whether players can legitimately say they didn’t know they were using a performance-enhancing drug. “We have a lot of information. I know we have one of the best drug-testing policies in sports. They give us packets on what supplements you can or can’t take. We’re educated on what supplements you can take.”

Spring training has been full of talk of harsher penalties for those who violate the league’s substance-abuse rules — to the point that more players are calling for change, including Pedroia.

“I’m all for the most possible,” he said. “I understand the reasoning why, because we have so much information. There shouldn’t be any slip-ups unless people are trying to get an advantage, and that’s not fair.”

Pedroia talked about the importance of everyone being “on the same playing field,” but he was also aware of the implications beyond the field, saying he wants young fans to be able to see baseball as “pure” as well as look up to major leaguers.

MLB and the players union are expected to talk more about recent PED accusations and punishments before the season begins. With Pedroia and other big-name stars showing where they stand, change could be coming soon.

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