Hooters Ball Girl Fails to Get Out of Way of Pop Up, Continues Streak of Spring Training Errors (Video)


The Hooters ball girls are at it again.

Someone in Florida, by way of Philadelphia, came up with the brilliant idea of having Hooters girls retrieve errant balls down the foul lines for spring training games. Needless to say, the experiment has been a disaster.

The latest blunder came on Tuesday during a Yankees-Phillies exhibition. As Phillies outfielder Dominic Brown hit a foul pop up down the third-base line, Yankees third baseman Ronnie Mustelier chased the ball down just to find the Hooters ball girl sitting stoically in the way. Mustelier had to do a last-second juke to avoid contact, and the ball girl ducked at the last minute as the ball landed inches behind her.

The proper thing to do in this situation would have been to move herself and the chair out of the way. If spring training is meant to prepare baseball players for the regular season, don’t be surprised to see Mustelier dodging at the last second while attempting to catch foul pop ups. That’s what he learned in Yankees camp after all.

Check out the brave Hooters ball girl waiting to get hit by the ball and the baseball player in the video below.

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