Kendall Gill Gets Into Fight With Fellow TV Analyst Over Goaltending Call in Bulls Game (Video)


First there was the “Malice at the Palace.” Now there is the “Attack of the Analyst.”

CSN Chicago analysts Kendall Gill and Tim Doyle reportedly got into an altercation in the newsroom over Monday’s controversial ending to the Bulls-Nuggets game, and things got physical. According to an eyewitness account on, Gill confronted Doyle, at least one punch was thrown and “a small amount of blood was drawn.”

Gill was upset over a disagreement he had with Doyle during the taping of a show earlier in the night, according to the report. Gill felt a goaltending call against Bulls center Joakim Noah was “a very bad call,” even though replays showed Noah interfered with the ball on its downward trajectory toward the hoop. Most disagreements with the call, including that of Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau, were not with the call on Noah but with the fact that it was reviewed and overturned shortly after a borderline basket interference penalty on the Nuggets was not called.

Gill has been suspended, according to a subsequent report.

Check out Noah’s controversial play in the video below.

Thumbnail via Facebook/Kendall Gill

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