Kim Jong Un Told Dennis Rodman to Have Barack Obama Call North Korean Leader, Discuss Basketball (Video)


Dennis Rodman has returned from North Korea and his first interview stateside was just as bizarre as the decision to send the Hall of Famer to the foreign land in the first place.

Rodman appeared on This Week with George Stephanopoulos Sunday to discuss his trip to North Korea and his friendship with Kim Jong Un. The North Korean supreme leader told Rodman to have Barack Obama call him. Rodman suggested the two discuss their mutual love of basketball.

Rodman didn’t want to discuss the prison camps Jong Un has set up in North Korea, nor the threats Jong Un has made against the United States. The five-time NBA Champion stressed that the North Korean leader is just 28 years old and that some of the negative connotations we have of him are because of his father and grandfather. Rodman described Jong Un as a “great guy” who does not want to go to war.

Watch Rodman’s full interview with Stephanopoulos in the video below.

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