LeBron James Calls Fan Who Ran Onto Court ‘Brave Guy,’ Follows Him on Twitter

LeBron JamesNow, LeBron, you’re not supposed to endorse this kind of behavior.

A fan ran onto the court during Wednesday night’s Heat-Cavs game in Cleveland. His goal, at least from reading his T-shirt, was to get LeBron James to return to Cleveland when his chance to opt out of his contract with the Heat comes up in 2014.

The fan, whose name is presumably James Blair from his Twitter communication, may not get that wish. But he did get a nice consolation prize. Not only did Blair get to grab James when he charged onto the court, but now he appears to be Twitter buddies with the King.

After first bragging about his plan to charge the court and touch James, Blair has since updated his Twitter profile to pay homage to the incident. Then, on Thursday night, he did one better — he tweeted at James and asked him to follow his Twitter account.

James, who has been known to be a lovable guy and fan-friendly, not only agreed to Blair’s request but also gave him a shout-out, calling him “a brave guy” for behavior that the collective sports world actively tries to discourage, lest every game and every court be filled with Blair-like James-grabbers.

James may have unwittingly opened a can of worms, and he could be seeing quite a few more court-rushers if this is how he rewards them. Or, he could just be acknowledging that this could very well be the peak of Blair’s existence, and he wanted to give him due credit.

Check out James’ tweet below.

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