Mike Tyson‘s facial tattoo no doubt looks imposing, but it turns out it’s pretty frightening on even a much more diminutive individual, as well.

Godfrey, Ill., has just produced one of the best mugshots to hit the public in recent memory — and it’s hard not to believe one Adam Roberts didn’t have the former boxer in mind when he got inked up. Roberts was arrested for the burglary of 28 storage units on Thursday, according to KSDK news, and it turns out he has a pretty intricate tattoo over his entire face, as well.

Moreover, some of the items recovered after Roberts’ arrest were pretty entertaining, too. Among the items which have not been recovered — and are presumed to have been sold — include an antique chest of drawers and a sewing machine, which, let’s be honest, make absolutely no sense if we’re judging a book by its cover. However, what makes more sense are the missing wresting DVDs, because where else could this kind of freak find work?

Check out Roberts’ bizarre mugshot in the photo below.

Adam Roberts

Photo via Twitter/@russellkinsaul

Photo of the Night

Courtesy of the World Baseball Classic, apparently Justin Timberlake bumped into Tommy Lasorda while on the set of Saturday Night Live.

Justin Timberlake, Tommy Lasorda

Photo via Facebook/World Baseball Classic

Quote of the Night

“I think right now it is fair to say that the offers are not comparable.”
–David Stern giving some bad news to basketball fans in Sacramento

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Kevin Goldstein may be a baseball guru, but in this case he speaks the truth about the hockey world.

[tweet https://twitter.com/Kevin_Goldstein/status/310238689664065536 align=’center’]

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Remember when Terrell Owens didn’t just pretend to sign the ball?