By now, it’s no surprise that politicians can struggle when they try to dive into the world of sports.

In the final months before the November 2012 presidential election, President Obama made an awkward metaphor comparing himself to the Miami Heat, and challenger Mitt Romney to Jeremy Lin. During the same election cycle, vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan mixed up Cleveland quarterbacks while visiting a Browns practice.

No matter which side of the political spectrum you’re on, there’s plenty of incompetence to go around.

Nancy Pelosi became the latest to commit a sports faux pas, when she was recently asked who she was rooting for in the NCAA Tournament and responded with the ultimate political reply.

“I have a lot of allegiances to many of those schools. I don’t even want anybody to lose. I’m just rooting for everybody, especially the players,” Pelosi said. “I want them all to succeed, whatever team they’re on. I’m crazy — I’m March Mad. I’m addicted to basketball. All sports, but college basketball, very exciting.”

For the record, Pelosi’s husband and children all attended Georgetown, so her true feelings may be a bit less noncommittal. Check out Pelosi’s statements in the video below.

Photo of the Night

Come on, Mike Woodson. You coach in New York City, arguably the fashion capital of the world. This is just plain unacceptable.

Mike Woodson

Photo via Twitter/@TheNBAonNOTSC

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If William Shakespeare was a college basketball fan, this is totally how he would scream at the TV. [tweet align=’center’]

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This is really what GoPro cameras were invented to capture.