Report: CBS Seeking $700,000 Tax Credit for Broadcasting ‘The Talk’ in New Orleans During Super Bowl Week


People everywhere are clamoring to get their taxes done, and TV giant CBS is right there with them.

According to, CBS has applied for a tax credit for broadcasting the daily talk show The Talk during Super Bowl week in New Orleans.

CBS is eligible for $700,000 in tax credits, “whether deducted from other taxes owed the state, sold into the tax-credit market at 85 cents on the dollar or sold back to the state for cash,” according to the report.

The local leaders aren’t feeling it.

“It’s obvious to everyone involved that The Talk was coming here anyway,” state Sen. J.P. Morrell said. “It doesn’t pass the smell test.”

CBS Studios spokeswoman Lauri Metrose emailed a statement to to explain why CBS applied for the credit.

“Traveling and shooting a live, daily entertainment talk show on location is a considerable expense,” she said. “This was the first time we’ve ever done it for a Super Bowl, showcasing New Orleans to a national audience every day for an hour in daytime in the process. The growing production infrastructure and support services in the state, as well as the tax incentive, continue to make Louisiana an attractive option for a variety of television productions. We currently have two drama pilots filming in the state right now.”

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