Report: Dennis Rodman Is Flying to Meet New Pope, Plans to ‘Spread a Message of Peace and Love’

by NESN Staff

March 12, 2013

Dennis RodmanThe Vatican is a little busy these days, with the Catholic church’s leaders voting on a new pope and charting a path for a religious community that is in the midst of turbulent times.

World leaders and common citizens alike are waiting to see what decisions will emerge from Rome, but if one former NBA lightning rod gets his way, the cardinals’ first audience as they announce a new pope won’t be with the leaders of the free world — it will be with Dennis Rodman.

Rodman, who recently turned heads with not only a visit to North Korea but also an affirmation of its leader, Kim Jong Un, is flying to Rome on Tuesday to meet the new pope, according to TMZ. Rodman said his “people” are trying to arrange a meeting with the newly appointed leader, whenever he is picked.

“I want to be anywhere in the world that I’m needed,” Rodman told TMZ. “? I want to spread a message of peace and love throughout the world.”

While some would question whether Rome is indeed where Rodman “is needed,” the newfound peace pursuits by him and other controversial sports figures (think Metta World Peace, who has actually named himself after his goal) is a nice change from wreaking havoc, especially on a global stage.

Perhaps Rodman will take his new children’s book along, too.

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