1363485124_halloweenFree agents have some tough choices to make in the offseason, but if Richie Incognito had his way, teammate Jake Long‘s decision would be an easy one.

The Dolphins guard has started a Twitter campaign to convince Long to return to Miami next season. The former No. 1 pick is a free agent and has been fielding offers from the St. Louis Rams.

But Incognito isn’t ready to say goodbye to his offensive lineman counterpart, and he’s been pulling at Long’s heartstrings in tweets that include pictures of the two dressed up as superheroes for Halloween and the hashtag “bringjakehome,” which Incognito wanted to get trending.

If Long does re-sign, Dolphins fans can thank Incognito for his creative advocating. Check out the tweets below that capture one of the NFL’s greatest bromances.

[tweet https://twitter.com/68INCOGNITO/status/312688098901360640 align=’center’]

[tweet https://twitter.com/68INCOGNITO/status/312704415075295232 align=’center’]

[tweet https://twitter.com/68INCOGNITO/status/313010444090634240 align=’center’]

[tweet https://twitter.com/68INCOGNITO/status/313010806721748992 align=’center’%5D

[tweet https://twitter.com/68INCOGNITO/status/313028394214371328align=’center’%5D

[tweet https://twitter.com/68INCOGNITO/status/313028394214371328 align=’center’%5D

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@68INCOGNITO