Royce WhiteRoyce White‘s battle with his anxiety disorder is ongoing, but his rookie season is finished.

White, who has yet to play for the Houston Rockets, has left his D-League team and will continue to work out in Houston, although he will not play for the NBA club. White has a fear of flying and other anxiety issues that the team was aware of and promised to work through, but the relationship between White and the Rockets seemed to deteriorate as the season went on.

The 16th pick in last year’s draft tweeted that he was following his doctors’ advice. [tweet align=’center’]

Twitter reacted, as it often does, quickly and mercilessly. White retweeted many of the more angry messages he received. [tweet align=’center’] [tweet align=’center’]

Royce White tweet

Royce White tweet 2

It is up in the air when White might get onto the court for the Rockets, if ever, but it definitely will not be this season.