Seahawks Defensive End Chris Clemons Says Gay NFL Player Would Be Selfish, Divide Locker Room


Mar 30, 2013

The consensus this week has been that NFL players would be accepting of a gay teammate. Of course, there are always going to be differing opinions.

Seahawks defensive end Chris Clemons posted on Twitter that a gay NFL player would be selfish for coming out. Clemons, who’s recovering from ACL surgery, also said the player would divide the locker room.

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Multiple players came out this week in support of a possible gay teammate, including Scott Fujita and Rob Gronkowski. Fujita said there would be a bigger problem in the press and among the fan base than there would be in the locker room. Clemons obviously disagrees.

I don’t play professional football, but I’m not seeing anything selfish about coming out. It’s been said that the first openly gay major-sport athlete will get numerous endorsements. If that’s what Clemons is referring to, Peyton Manning and Robert Griffin III are looking pretty selfish too.

While Clemons is open to his opinion, it’s statements like this that have kept athletes like Kwame Harris from coming out while they were still playing. Harris said recently that he regrets not coming out while he was in the NFL.

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