South Florida Swims Its Way Right Out of Big East Tournament With 1990s-Style Beach Shorts Uniforms (Photo)


Yes, we want summer to come, but not this bad.

South Florida took the retro uniforms craze to a new level in the opening round of the Big East Tournament on Tuesday night, wearing some shorts that will join the ranks of better-off-retired uniform attempts. While the South Florida duds had nothing on the Zubaz-inspired garb that will be sweeping the nation come March Madness, they are from the same era: The team’s green-and-yellow pattern brought back memories of 1990s swimwear.

Under Armour also made a white version, but South Florida lost, 46-42, in overtime, meaning the home threads will never make the court after the waterlogged lack of success of their green counterparts.

The pattern is supposed to remind people of South Beach, according to Under Armour, which is sort of strange, because South Florida really isn’t near South Beach. Also, it’s 2013.

Check out the swimwear — er, uniforms — in the photo below.

Victor Rudd, Kyle Smyth

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