Tiger Woods’ Barefoot Shot Leads Golfer to Change Clothes on Course, Puts Him on Track to Save Par (Video)


That fella disrobing near the bushes on an overcast day at the golf course? Well, that’s just Tiger Woods.

Woods had to adjust his playing attire a bit when taking on the sixth hole at the Honda Classic in Palm Beach Gardens on Wednesday. He had knocked his drive next to a water hazard and looked likely to take a drop. While many golfers would have taken the extra stroke, Woods instead became resourceful and jumped into the watery area, digging his ball out and salvaging the shot.

It didn’t come without effort, though. Not only did Woods save his shot, but he also did it with considerable more intelligence than the average golfer would have shown on the course. Woods, not one to have to finish his round with soggy socks, shoes and pants, took off his footwear and pulled on rain pants before going after his ball.

After getting the ball out of the hazard, Woods was able to get up and down and finish his round at even par.

“How about that?” Woods said when asked about the shot, according to ESPN. “It was only half-submerged, so I could play some kind of explosion shot and get it back in the fairway. I got in there and I wasn’t trying to advance it very far, just make sure I got it back in the fairway and give myself some kind of wedge shot in there, which I did, and I got it up and down.”

As for why he went to such extremes, Woods referenced the underwhelming day he was having on the course, and the chance to make it better.

“I was 1-over at the time, and if that ball is not playable … I’m looking at a 6 — 3-over,” Woods said. “All of a sudden I flip it, make par there and birdie the next. Could easily have been 3 and all of a sudden I’m even.”

Even indeed. Check out the shot — and the rain pants — in the video below.

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