Warren Sapp Drops F-Bombs About Bill Belichick on NFL Network, Doesn’t Realize Microphone Is On


Plenty of people are sick of hearing about Bill Belichick and his wondrous Patriots. But Warren Sapp is now the only TV analyst who’s been caught cursing out the amount of coverage Belichick gets on the NFL Network.

Sapp said what many Belichick-loathing fans have been thinking on Tuesday. Sapp, working as an analyst on the NFL Network, was off-screen and — he thought — off-microphone as the coverage switched to an interview with Scott Pioli, the recently deposed general manager of the Chiefs. Pioli and Belichick worked together in New England during the Patriots’ three Super Bowl wins, and Pioli was called on to shed insight into how the Patriots make their football decisions.

Well, Sapp has apparently had enough of the Belichick segments, and he started grumbling about the attention Belichick gets on the network. While he was safely off-camera, his mouth was not safely away from the still-on microphone, and the audience was treated to some heavy breathing and unfiltered thoughts.

“It’s the same [expletive] spew that we had Mike Lombardi do,” the voice said, according to Greg Bedard of The Boston Globe. “The [expletive] Bill Belichick [expletive] angle.”

From there, it wasn’t hard to pin the verbiage to Sapp. While fellow analyst Scott Hanson tried to play off the gaffe later, Sapp’s thoughts are out there for good. Check them out in this video, and beware of language.

Thumbnail photo via Facebook/Warren Sapp is the worst analyst on TV

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