Things are about to get really, really busy on the sets of TSN, but that didn’t stop the Canadian sports network from having a little fun recently.

TSN is about to kick up its already stellar NHL coverage in a big, big way, with the Stanley Cup playoffs set to begin Tuesday night, and to celebrate, the  boys on the TSN panel showed off their acting game.

In advance of the playoffs, members of the TSN crew — James Duthie, Darren Dreger and Aaron Ward — along with a handful of Los Angeles Kings (including one diabolical cameo from head coach Darryl Sutter) appeared in a Hangover-inspired cameo that aired on the network’s playoff preview.

The entire thing is fantastic and very well done, but make sure you stay with the video all the way through for the outtakes — unless you’re a Bruins fan who really, really wanted to see Jarome Iginla and haven’t forgiven Ward for his errant reporting that Iginla was coming to Boston.

Photo of the Day

Here’s Verne Troyer and the Stanley Cup, because it’s the Cup — and because the playoffs open Tuesday night.

Verne Troyer

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Your move, Jacqueline Pitino. [tweet align=’center’]

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Peyton Manning sure has some stage presence, huh?