Tony BoschThe Biogenesis anti-aging clinic in Miami has been the epicenter of Major League Baseball’s most recent performance-enhancing drug scandal, with several high-profile players allegedly receiving PEDs through the clinic.

Speaking publicly Monday for the first time since the incriminating documents were originally released by the Miami New Times back in January, Tony Bosch, the founder of the now-closed clinic, denied these allegations, referring to them as “character assassination.”

“I have been accused, tried and convicted in the media. And so I think have been falsely accused throughout the media,” he told Pedro Gomez on ESPN’s Outside the Lines. “I’ve done nothing wrong.”

Bosch would not, however, answer questions about any specific players that have been linked to his clinic — a list that includes All-Stars Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun and Melky Cabrera.

“I said no comment on any names,” Bosch said. “These are my clients. I am not going to divulge anything of my clients. … No comment. I am a nutritionist. I don’t know anything about performance-enhancing drugs.”

Bosch has also reportedly been evading MLB officials’ attempts to contact him, which have included leaving several messages on both his personal cell phone and at “restaurants and bars he is known to frequent.”

“We’ve tried to reach out to Mr. Bosch directly and through his attorneys for months and have received no response,” MLB executive vice president Rob Manfred told Outside the Lines. “We’ve been trying to serve process [for MLB’s lawsuit] on him for a number of weeks. Unsuccessfully. We’d be thrilled to meet with Mr. Bosch whenever and wherever he wants to meet.”

MLB has yet to hand down any suspensions as a result of the investigation.

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