Bubba Watson Makes Golfers Everywhere Jealous With Hovercraft Golf Cart (Video)


Bubba WatsonBubba Watson‘s personal golf cart is a hovercraft. Yes, you read that correctly.

The professional golfer showed off his new toy in a YouTube video released Tuesday, and it looks just as awesome as you would imagine a hovercraft golf cart looking.

The machine, which looks like something out of ‘The Jetsons,’ is also surprisingly practical, as Watson explains that his golf cart can traverse any part of a course — greens, sand traps, water hazards — without leaving a mark or causing permanent damage.

?You?ve [normally] got to stay 30 yards from the green, you?ve got to stay on the cart path when it?s raining,? Watson said. ?But let?s have fun. Let?s go through the water hazard, come off the other side by the green, putt your ball in the hole, and then you can drive back across the water hazard. Who doesn?t want to do that??

Don’t expect to see these popping up at your local course anytime soon, but feel free to live vicariously through the young pro in the video below.

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