Cam NewtonDon’t expect Cam Newton to quit his day job anytime soon, but the Carolina Panthers quarterback is broadening his horizons beyond football.

The former Heisman winner has helped design his own fashion line for Belk stores called “MADE Cam Newton.” The line includes T-shirts, chinos, shorts, blazers, suits and ties. For all the Panthers fans out there, don’t worry, there’s plenty of Carolina blue.

Newton isn’t actually designing the clothing, but he has a say in the look, including making decisions on colors, patterns, buttons, zippers and price tag.

“You would be surprised by the things I’ve said yes and no to,” Newton told the Charlotte Observer. “Anytime your name is on something or you are affiliated with something, you want it to come out with a bang and say, ‘This is my clothing line. This is how it looks, and I feel great in it.'”

Newton always looks dapper in postgame news conferences, but he has to answer a question his mother used to ask before he puts anything on.

“As my coaches and my mom would say, ‘Would you wear that in front of your grandmother?’ She’s old-school,” Newton said. “The shirt has to be tucked in and the pants have to be pulled up and the hair has to be cut.”

Belk is a southern men’s and women’s apparel store that has locations from Maryland to Florida.

Check out one of the looks from the line in the photo below.


Photo via Facebook/Cam Newton