Carl Crawford’s Criticism of Boston Getting Old, Especially in Wake of Poorly Timed Complaints


Carl CrawfordCarl Crawford doesn?t want to keep thinking about his time in Boston, so as a solution, he keeps talking about his time in Boston. That makes a ton of sense.

Crawford once again opened his mouth, and again, the garbage that spewed out included a whole bunch of hostility toward his time with the Red Sox.

?I don?t think I smiled in two years,? Crawford told USA Today. ?I was just frowning. I started growing gray hairs on my face from the stress and everything for two years straight.?

This is hardly the first time Crawford has been vocal about his less-than-stellar stint in Beantown, and if we were placing bets, the safe money is that he?ll probably bring it up again at some point. It begs the question: why do you continue to beat this lifeless horse, Carl?

Crawford underperformed in 2011 and then again in 2012 before being shipped to Los Angeles, so it doesn?t take a genius to figure out that he probably didn?t enjoy his time in Boston very much. He still feels the need to hammer his message home, though, and it?s gotten to a point where the 31-year-old is straddling obnoxiousness.

Responding to Crawford?s most recent comments hardly seems like a worthwhile endeavor. After all, not much about his stance has changed. He still seems to think he was unfairly criticized, and he still thinks that everyone was out to get him.

?I try not to even think about my days in Boston anymore,? Crawford reportedly said. ?It?s still just such a nightmare. Every time I think about it, I cringe.?

Well, here?s a thought: Don?t think about it.

Crawford, to his credit, is putting together a nice season, but his Dodgers enter Thursday?s action sitting at 9-11 and in fourth place in the NL West. Surely, his new — and, evidently, much more welcoming — fans would prefer he direct his attention toward helping L.A. fulfill its lofty expectations.

That?s too easy, though. Moving on makes too much sense. The Red Sox have obviously moved on, and even the other players sent to the Dodgers as part of last August?s trade — Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett and Nick Punto — seem to have moved on. Yet, Mr. Crawford continues to bring up just how heinous it was to make roughly $33.5 million in the supposed hellhole that is Boston.

Crawford?s most recent comments really strike a chord because not only are they unnecessary, but they?re also very poorly timed. If Crawford wants to continue to spout off about his time with the Red Sox, then obviously he?s well within his right. Last time I checked, this is America. Nothing he said is really new, though, and it just seems like now would have been an appropriate time to end his yearlong tirade about Boston.

The outfielder?s ongoing beef is obviously geared more toward his experience with his former organization than the city in which the team plays, but there are plenty of Sox hat-wearing Bostonians who would prefer to move forward without the background noise that is Carl Crawford.

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