Twitter has many uses, and comedian Rob Delaney appears to be attuned to them all.

The comedian, whose Twitter feed is entertaining to the point that he was recognized in the Time 100 and by Comedy Central, tweeted at the Dodgers last month with the hope that he could land the job of singing the national anthem at a Los Angeles game. The Dodgers, like any responsible Twitter users, replied back.

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The exchange didn’t end on Twitter, though. Delaney got his chance to show off his pipes this weekend, and his singing of “The Star-Spangled Banner” revealed that he knows how to use his vocal chords in multiple ways, too. Delaney, who reportedly majored in musical theater, delivered a pretty solid national anthem. (He did not, however, deliver any jokes mid-song, which he promised when interviewed on the field before the game.)

Check out Delaney’s song below, and then figure out whether he also used Twitter to book that University of Iowa gig.

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Steph Curry had a pretty good night.

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In case you missed this over the last few months.

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Daniel Nava‘s got the glove, too.