Tiger EA SpotlightTiger Woods will not see the virtual green on the PGA Tour in 2015.

EA Sports has announced that the 2015 edition of the annual “Tiger Woods PGA Tour” game franchise has been canceled. The company had released a new version of the game every year since its creation in 1998.

Both the Playstation and XBox systems are set to release the newest versions of their gaming consoles in early 2014, and EA Sports wanted to give their developers ample time to work on the 2016 version of the game. The 2016 edition will be compatible with both new consoles.

According to Back9Network, the cancellation had nothing to do with a parting of ways, but was simply due to bad timing.

Hopefully, Tiger will have gotten his game back by the time the newest version rolls around.

Photo via Facebook/Tiger Woods PGA TOUR

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