Fan Tosses Moose Leg Onto Ice During Junior Hockey Game (Photo)


Throwing a dead octopus on the ice after a goal is scored is accepted in hockey. That should give you some indication of just how bizarre this story is.

On Monday night, OCN Blizzard forced a Game 7 in its postseason series against the Dauphin Kings, the Manitoba Junior Hockey League regular season champions. It was the third straight win for the Blizzard, which had fans in high spirits — so much so that one fan decided to throw a moose leg onto the ice.

In Manitoba, moose and hockey share a strange connection, according to Yahoo! Sports’ Puck Daddy blog, which included having the province’s American Hockey League team named after the animal until 2011 when the team moved to St. John’s. It was during an AHL game in Manitoba that a fan threw an antler out on the ice.

Check out the photo of a player and the moose leg below.

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Photo via Twitter/@BradleyKarp

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