As any experienced quarterback would tell you, when J.J. Watt comes charging at you, you run. Unless, of course, he’s your teammate and you’re playing in a charity softball game.

Watt and his Houston Texans teammates held a charity softball game over the weekend to raise money for some local Houston-area after-school athletic programs. Seeing as they raised over $300,000 that day, they decided to give the generous fans in attendance their money’s worth.

During one of Watt’s plate appearances, the pitcher tossed one over his head. The reigning NFL sack champion didn’t take kindly to it, tossing his bat in jest before charging the mound. Watt’s rush led to a benches-clearing brawl that featured plenty of grappling, a few headlocks and even one of Ric Flair’s patented figure-four leg locks from nose tackle Earl Mitchell.

Once the fun was over and play resumed, Watt disappointingly flied out to shallow left field. The end result wasn’t quite as good as his home run during batting practice with the Houston Astros last month, but it was equally as entertaining.

Check out the entire mock melee in the video below.

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