The Jacksonville Jaguars officially debuted their new set of uniforms on Tuesday, and they’re … different.

The new jerseys received a visual overhaul but still maintained the black, teal, gold and white color scheme Jacksonville has sported since the team’s inception in 1995 — though the new threads do feature more gold than the previous set. The helmets, however, are like nothing the league has ever seen before.

This season, Jacksonville players will be wearing two-tone headgear that is matte black on the front half and metallic gold on the rear. Multi-colored and matte-finished helmets have made their way into the college ranks over the past few years, but the Jags will be the first to debut this style in the NFL.

Check out some photos from the unveiling below.

Jaguars helmetvia Twitter/@APMarkLong

Jaguars uniformsvia Twitter/@YahooSports

Jaguars homevia Twitter/@NFLONFOX

Jaguars awayvia Twitter/@jnsanchez

Jaguars altvia Twitter/@jnsanchez

Though the Jaguars’ set is the only one that have been officially released, Uni Watch’s Paul Lukas got an early look at the yet-to-be-announced new uniforms for the Vikings and Dolphins, which can be seen below.

Dolphins Jaguars Vikingsvia Twitter/@UniWatch