Jarrod Saltalamacchia may be beating himself up over this one for a little while.

The Red Sox had their five-game win streak snapped on Tuesday night in Toronto, and two of the Blue Jays’ nine runs were scored on an error made by Saltalamacchia in the third inning.  The Sox went on to lose 9-7.

The error occurred in the bottom of the third with the bases loaded and nobody out. Saltalamacchia threw to Mike Napoli at first base in an attempt to pick off Jose Bautista. In the process of his throw, Saltalamacchia’s elbow hit the umpire’s face mask behind him, causing the throw to go wild and end up past Napoli in right field.

According to the rules, once Saltalamacchia’s arm hit the umpire’s face mask, it should have been a dead ball and the runs shouldn’t have counted.

Hear what Salty had to say about the play in the video above.