Jim Boeheim Unloads on Reporter Gregg Doyel Over Question About Returning Next Season (Video)


Perhaps Jim Boeheim was testy after a tough loss to Michigan or maybe he’s just sensitive about his age, but the Syracuse coach was not happy about a question regarding possible retirement.

CBSSports.com’s Gregg Doyel asked Boeheim “When do you think you’ll decide, announce, whatever whether or not you’re coming back next year or do you already know?” Boeheim was not happy with the question and said he wouldn’t answer it unless every coach had to answer it.

Doyel mentioned that the same question is posed to college players and that “they handle it better than you.” The 68-year-old coach responded with snark saying, “You ask a 19-year-old if he’s going to retire? If you’re going to say something smart at least be smart.”

Check out the back and forth between Boeheim and Doyel below.

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