Larry Sanders Elbows Referee Bill Kennedy in Head During Jump Ball (Video)


Celtics fans likely won’t mind watching this clip from Monday night’s Bobcats-Bucks game.

Bucks forward/center Larry Sanders went up for the jump ball to begin the game and as he came down, his elbow knocked referee (and Doc Rivers hater) Bill Kennedy in the noggin. Kennedy worked the rest of the game.

It was unintentional on Sanders’ part (we think), but it is worth mentioning that Sanders leads the NBA with 14 technical fouls this season. It’s actually surprising that Kennedy didn’t T up Sanders given his history with a quick trigger finger on technicals.

Perhaps seeing a referee briefly down for the count helped inspire Milwaukee on their 131-102 trouncing of Charlotte. It certainly didn’t hurt Sanders, who went on to score 24 points and pull down 13 rebounds.

Watch Sanders hit Kennedy in the head in the video below.

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