Sports SpotlightFor the second year in a row, LeBron James is kicking it old school for the postseason.

The star Miami Heat forward says he will not be tweeting, texting, answering calls or surfing the Internet for the duration of the 2013 NBA playoffs. James is turning all of his focus over to winning games, an approach he took last season as well when the Heat were the 2012 NBA champions.

The last tweet James sent out was last Saturday, the day before Miami’s playoff opener, when he wrote, “Zero Dark Thirty-6 Activated! I’m gone.’’

Like last season, it’s likely that James could take up reading books in the locker room during pregame, an activity he credits for calming his nerves before games. No, not iBooks on an iPad, but actual, physical, ink-and-paper books.

In James’ full throttle playoff mode, he says he doesn’t listen to any sports talk radio, but he watches the playoffs, watches cartoons with his kids and watches movies with his family.

“… Not much of what sports [broadcasters] are talking about, James said.

Based on the way the Heat are barreling into the playoffs, it could very well be after the NBA Finals end when James gets back in touch with the digital world.

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Jose Valverde Goatee

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