Lingerie Football Coach’s Halftime Rant Under Review After He Asks Players ‘Are You [Expletive] Retarded?’ (Video)


LFLThe Lingerie Football League — ahem, excuse us — the Legends Football League is reviewing a coach’s halftime tirade against his team, the Seattle Mist.

By our count, Chris Michaelson dropped 16 F-bombs on his players during a halftime rant after the Mist gave up a touchdown to end the half. The LFL is fine with that — as they should be — but asking his players, “Are you guys just [expletive] retarded? Or are you just stupid? Which is it?” is not “condoned” by the league, according to TMZ.

The rant seemed to work as the Mist beat their opponent, the Green Bay Chill 55-36. Michaelson will be given plenty of time to calm down by the time Seattle plays again. Their next game is not until May 4, because, you know, every serious football league takes a month between games.

Someone might want to inform Michaelson that he’s coaching in a league that was previously known as the Lingerie Football League. There’s no reason to be taking it quite so seriously. Fans going to games likely aren’t hanging on every win or loss. Of course, since the Mist only play four games this season, you could certainly argue that each matchup means even more than an NFL game — nah, just kidding.

But seriously, Coach, let’s cool it on the word “retarded” and using derogatory terms to identify opposing players. It’s not cool.

Check out Michaelson’s bleep-ridden tirade below.

Photo via Facebook/Seattle Mist

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