Marshall HendersonMarshall Henderson’s tumultuous season was full of taunts, trash talking and even middle fingers. He responded with the obscene gesture after receiving boos when Ole Miss fell to La Salle in the NCAA tournament in Kansas City.

But throughout it all, the controversial yet amusing point guard never showed remorse for his unpredictable behavior — until now.

In an open letter to Ole Miss fans, the SEC’s leading scorer announced he will return for his senior season, but even more surprisingly, he showed maturity and accountability in apologizing for his actions, which often overshadowed his play throughout the season.

“The spotlight on the court means my actions affect more than just me, and I need to show my teammates that I can be a leader for this team,” he said. “I play the game with a lot of passion, and sometimes that passion boils over. I take responsibility for my actions this season and apologize to anyone I offended. However, my edge on the court has made me the player that I am. I can’t change that, but I do understand that I can take things too far.”

Taking things too far may be putting it mildly, as Henderson certainly added to the madness this past March, but toning down his antics for his upcoming senior season will be the true upset nobody has on their bracket.